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By New York Boulders Baseball, 09/04/22, 11:45PM EDT


New York vs. Ottawa Titans at Clover Stadium

SCHEDULE CHANGE ALERT - Due to rain in Tuesday's forecast, the Boulders will now host Ottawa at Clover Stadium in the Wild Card game Wedneday, September 7, at 7:00 pm. Tickets go on sale Monday, September 5 at 12:00 noon.

This has also necessitated the moving of Game 1 of the Divisional Series from Thursday to Friday, hosted by Wednesday's winner.

Though they have been in the Frontier League for just two short seasons, the historic 2022 run of the New York Boulders has already revised the record books. From a 9-homer game, to finishing out with a 12-game winning streak, the Red, White, and Blue have proved they're a FL contender for the ages.

Here's all you need to know about the Frontier League Playoffs:

First, The Standings:

East Division (final regular season)

Team                         W        L     Pct.       GB

(1) Quebec             62       34    .646      ---

(2) Boulders          57      38    .600     4.5

(3) Ottawa             56       39    .585     5.5

West Division (final regular season)

Team                              W        L     Pct.       GB

(1) Washington       62       34    .646      ---

(2) Schaumburg      53       43    .552    9.0

(3) Evansville            52       43    .547    9.5

Results - Sunday, September 4

Boulders 8, @ Trois-Rivieres 5
End Regular Season

For full standings, click here.

The Wrap-Up for the Wrap Up

Deep breath.... (exhale)

Show of hands... After losing two straight at Sussex County on August 20 and 21, how many of you went on your betting app and had the Boulders winning 12 straight and hosting the Wild Card?

Hey you... Put your hand down!!!

Perhaps best of all, it  hasn't been an easy run, so NY has already played numerous playoff-style games. The Boulders and Ottawa are two of the Frontier's hottest teams entering Wednesday's game.

THIS is why we do this.....................

Next Stop, The Playoffs (per the Frontier League website);– 

Divisional Playoff Format:  The second place team will host the third place team from their division in a Wild Card game.  The winner will face their division winner in a best-of-three Divisional Series, with the division winners hosting games 2 and 3 (if necessary)

– Championship Playoff Format:  The championship playoffs shall be scheduled to begin on the second day following the scheduled completion of the division playoffs. The Championship Series will be a best-of-five format.  The team advancing with the best regular season record will host games 3, 4, and 5 (if necessary).

The Dates:

Wild Card Games
Tuesday, September 6

Evansville @ Schaumburg

Wednesday, September 7

Ottawa @ New York, 7:00 pm

Divisional Series
Thursday, September 8

Washington @ Evansville/Schaumburg winner

Friday, September 9

Quebec @ Ottawa/Boulders winner

Saturday, September 10 –

Ottawa/Boulders @ Quebec
Evansville Schaumburg @ Washington

Sunday, September 11 –Game 3 (if necessary)

Championship Series
Tuesday, September 13 – higher seed @ lower seed
Wednesday, September 14 – higher seed @ lower seed
Thursday, September 15 – travel/rain day
Friday, September 16 – lower seed @ higher seed
Saturday, September 17 – lower seed @ higher seed (if necessary)
Sunday, September 18 – lower seed @ higher seed (if necessary)

Now, it's Your Turn - Let's Pack Clover Stadium WEDNESDAY Night!

It's been a heck of a run. We're not going to mention that the Boulders are 6 wins from a League Championship. The focus starts with Wednesday vs. Ottawa.

#BouldersNation - rise up!!!