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Boulders Turn First Triple Play in Franchise History

By Mike Zacchio, 08/11/23, 11:00PM EDT


The New York Boulders defense orchestrated a rare triple play Friday night during a road game against the Ottawa Titans, marking the first such occasion in franchise history, going back to 2011.

The highlight worthy play occurred during the fourth inning in the second game of a doubleheader. Ottawa popped up a bunt attempt, and quick-thinking Boulders starting pitcher Ryan Munoz let it hit the ground to catch Titans runners off guard. The lefty sparked an around-the-horn triple play that went from third baseman Gabriel Garcia to shortstop Matt McDermott and was capped by first baseman Chris Kwitzer.

A triple play is a rare feat in baseball, due to the several factors that must be in place and executed to be achieved. The batting team cannot have any outs and at least two runners on base. The batter then must hit a ball that is able to be fielded cleanly and quickly enough for the defense to flawlessly record three outs before runners reach the nearest base safely.

Since 1876, there have been a total of 734 triple plays turned in Major League Baseball.