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Dexter Lawrence Celebrity Softball Game come to Clover Stadium

By Sara Bayles, 05/01/24, 12:15PM EDT


 The Landon Collins Celebrity Softball Game was the greatest gathering of New York Giants,  former and current, to ever assemble in one place at one time. In 2019, the last time the event  was held, Dexter Lawrence was a rookie for the New York Giants. Not only did he play in the  games, Dex went into the crowd and signed countless autographs. He remarked, “This was one  the best events I’ve ever been to.” 

Now five years later, he is the host. WE’RE BACK… WITH A NEW HOMERUN HITTER! 

Welcome to the Dexter Lawrence Celebrity Softball Game, coming to you from Clover Stadium  in Pomona, New York, May 18, 2024. We have Brandon Jacobs and his Superbowl 42 and 46  winning teammates taking on Dexter Lawrence and the current New York Giants in a game of  dodgeball, home run derby, and softball.