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Rockland Forecasts the Need of a Meteorology Intern

By Christian Heimall, 04/01/16, 9:00AM EDT


Boulders Hope to Pinpoint Rain Before and During Storms

(POMONA, NY) – Since Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel isn’t available, the Rockland Boulders are in the market for a Meteorology Intern for the 2016 season; creating the position in hopes of being better prepared for inclement weather. If successful, they would become the first professional baseball team to hire an intern strictly for the purposes of forecasting future weather events. 


“This isn’t American football or European football where they always play except when lightning strikes.  This isn’t hockey where they have a roof and a clock.  Most days Mother Nature is a baseball fan, but occasionally she isn’t,” said, Ken Lehner, Team President.  “Instead of a committee of so-called ‘experts’ (such as myself, our GM and our Field Manager) pointing at a screen and saying ‘Look at that light green verses dark green cell. We better pull the tarp!’, we will now have an expert on staff who can advise us.  If all else fails, we can have our Meteorology Intern stand on the top of the dugout and lead us in singing a rendition of ‘Rain Rain Go Away’.”

Almost 200 games in professional and college baseball were postponed in 2015 due to inclement weather, with many more enduring rain delays and less than ideal conditions. This new internship could be taken for college credit, or strictly for experience and would help pave the way for one student to start their career in professional sports.

“It is well known that if you work in minor league baseball you also have to sell,” Lehner continued.  “Thus, our Meteorology Intern will also be tasked with selling a corporate partnership based upon rain delays that could include the tarp and or tarp cover.  Windshield wiper or tire companies are ideal candidates.”

Currently, the Boulders use a multitude of methods such as The Weather Channel,,, and common coin flips to determine if a game should be delayed or postponed. While relatively successful, Rockland has had just three rainouts the last two seasons, these methods do add a level of unpredictability for the fans, players, and staff alike; something the intern would be tasked with alleviating.

In a unique twist, many in the Boulders’ front office have pitched in to find a qualified candidate, citing the opportunity to go home early due to more accurate predictions as a catalyst for aiding in the search. After all, pulling tarp at midnight is not an activity that Millennials are keen on. All interested candidates for this non-paid internship can submit their resumes to Those pursuing a degree in Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, or a related major are preferred.