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Baseball is a venerable, tradition-laden sport and is considered America’s pastime as a result. It has been a sports leader in this country for more than a century.  Rockland County is located in the midst of the largest and most passionate baseball market in the universe and thus should be considered “The Sweet Spot Of Baseball”.  As a result, we are proud to partner with the Town of Ramapo to build Clover Stadium, a ballpark that every resident of Rockland County can be proud of. The right ballpark in the right community run by the right management team will make memories for our fans.

From discounts to luxury suites, we will offer a fair price for admission across all spectrums. From ice-cold beer to hot dogs and hamburgers hot off the grill, the Boulders will offer a wide range of quality menu selections to satisfy any craving and any appetite. For our corporate partners, the Boulders will feature marketing partnerships for every business and budget, to Fortune 500 companies and mom-and-pop businesses alike. From the game on the field to the mascot in the stands, we pledge to provide quality, affordable family entertainment for all fans.

We will only make promises we can keep and the following are keepers:

  • Our fans will come first!
  • We will create an affordable and memorable fan experience.
  • We will establish two-way communication with our fans in order to listen and learn.
  • We will field a competitive team that is lead by a manager who understands the importance of being the face of the franchise.
  • We will weave the baseball team into the fabric of the community by being a good corporate citizen.

For of all of it's many, wonderful attributes, the Lower Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey have never had a professional baseball team for its residents to cheer on to victory. As a result, the residents of this region have missed out on experiencing a summertime romance with America’s pastime.

For more information, please give us a call at (845) 364-0009.  We look forward to hosting you this summer at Clover Stadium!

New York Boulders